The Soothing Facial

A veil of softness over your skin!

This treatment respects the fragility of your skin, leaving it with a
pleasant sensation of softness. The soothing and refreshing Phytomer
mask, with its pure active ingredients and innovative texture, will
surprise you, quickly relieving the epidermis and reducing the
appearance of redness.
According to your envy, choose your treatment programme :

THE 60-MINUTE VERSION: This treatment offers real skin therapy,
combining exfoliation and a special facial massage. After the soothing
mask is applied, you will receive an exquisite neck and shoulder
massage to complete your relaxation. This treatment is pure comfort,
and provides instant results. The skin is left radiant.

THE 90-MINUTE VERSION: This treatment combines skin detoxification and
oxygenation with a healing treatment. Applying the Self-Heating Marine
Mask deeply detoxifies the skin. The application of various decadent
serums, masks, and creams and the unforgettable facial massage are a
string of indulgent moments that blend into a magical treatment
combining visible results and complete fulfillment. The skin is
perfectly cleansed and sublime.